Scientific Team

Scientific Team

Whalesound and his team of researchers has promoted professional training, hosting students practice and training of new researchers, collaborating with conducting research thesis for obtaining degrees or degrees from institutions such as the University of Chile, Universidad Santo Tomas and University of Magallanes.


Biologist at the University of Chile. In the last 25 years he has lived between Colombia and Chile for your interest in humpback whales. Dedicated to the study and conservation of cetaceans has numerous scientific and educational publications on humpback whales and other species. He has made several works with humpback whales as research coordinator Yubarta Foundation in Cali, Colombia. Juan accumulates an extensive field experience studying and sailing with humpback whales and other marine mammals, the last 10 summers spent in the Strait of Magellan, studying the population of humpback whales. His field of interest are the aspects of ecology, behavior and social structure of marine mammals.

Biologist at the University of Chile. 20 years is dedicated to the research of dolphins and whales in the seas of Chile. He works as a researcher at the University of Magallanes ( UMAG ) in Punta Arenas. His interest has focused on determining patterns of distribution and abundance of dolphins and whales in the Humboldt Current and the Magellanic fjords. As part of his research, he led the team that discovered the site of feeding humpback whales in the Strait of Magellan. Another complementary line taken by Jorge interest is the study of the relationship of indigenous peoples that populated Patagonia cetaceans, particularly with its exploitation and mythologies ; for it actively collaborates with leading archaeologists concerned about these issues. He has several publications and reports on these matters.

Marine biologist at the Universidad del Norte, La Serena , Chile . He has participated in several studies and surveys of marine invertebrates productive and processes in fish . He has over 25 years experience in navigating the Strait channels providing water services, which has allowed him to accumulate extensive knowledge of the territory , currents and tides in the region. As a researcher actively involved in the different lines of research Whalesound, particularly on cetaceans . Carlos is the author of several scientific publications and technical reports in the area of research.

Biologist at the University of Chile. His interest is the population biology , reproductive and social aspects of waterfowl and marine mammals. For 10 years he works as an academic and researcher in the area of ecology at the University Santo Tomas in Santiago. As part of its scientific activity he has published several papers and international and national reports. Yerko , with his colleagues , he has promoted numerous initiatives for the conservation of areas which are currently protected by the state or by international conventions . He participated in the study of marine mammals in the area and has conducted studies on Magellanic penguins island Rupert and shorebirds in the area of Carlos III.