Geographical and Historic Sites

Faro San Isidro

The Faro Cabo San Isidro or San Isidro Lighthouse is located at the southern end of the Brunswick Peninsula in Region XII of Magallanes and Chilean Antarctica in Chile, against the background of the Cordillera Darwin and next to a dense native forest . It was opened in 1904, its structure reaches 7.8 meters high and has a bright range of 9 nautical miles.


Monte Tarn

Mount Tarn is located at the southern tip of the peninsula of Brunswick (Magallanes region), last portion of the mainland of Chile. The hill is about 70km south of the city of Punta Arenas (regional capital), near the historic sites Fuerte Bulnes and Puerto del Hambre. It is also near tourist attractions such as Laguna Parrillar, Rio San Juan, San Isidro Lighthouse and Cross Froward.


Cape Froward

He distinguished the “Cross of the Seas” at the top indicating the southernmost of America continental point was the English privateer Thomas Cavendish, in January 1587, who named the place, following the extremely hostile climate, with strong winds and rains. The name means brave, hostile or uncontrollable